Air Freight

Experience fast and efficient delivery of your shipments with our reliable air freight services, ensuring your goods reach their destinations on time.

General Cargo:

General cargo refers to standard shipments of non-perishable goods that are typically transported in regular cargo planes. It includes items like consumer goods, electronics, textiles, and machinery.

Perishable Goods:

Perishable goods require temperature-controlled transportation to maintain their freshness and quality. This category includes items like fresh produce, flowers, seafood, pharmaceuticals, and certain food products.

High-Value Cargo:

High-value cargo includes valuable goods that require extra security and protection during transportation. This can include items like precious metals, jewelry, artwork, and high-end electronics.

Oversized and Heavy Cargo:

Oversized and heavy cargo refers to goods that exceed the standard dimensions or weight limits for regular air transportation. It includes items such as large machinery, industrial equipment, vehicles, and other bulky or heavy items.

Dangerous Goods:

This category includes goods that are potentially hazardous or dangerous due to their chemical, biological, or physical properties. They require specific handling, packaging, and documentation in compliance with international regulations.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies:

Air freight plays a crucial role in transporting pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other medical supplies that require precise temperature control and expedited delivery to maintain their efficacy.

Time-Sensitive Shipments:

Air transport is often preferred for time-sensitive shipments, such as express or urgent deliveries. It ensures faster transit times and enables businesses to meet tight deadlines.

Other services

Ocean Transport

Seamlessly move your cargo across international oceans with our reliable sea freight services.

Inland Service

Benefit from our extensive network and efficient inland transportation solutions to connect your goods from ports to final destinations.

Warehousing and Distribution

Benefit from our secure and strategically located warehouses, offering flexible storage solutions for your goods with advanced inventory management systems.

Cold-chain Transportation Service

Preserve the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods with our reliable cold-chain transportation services, ensuring optimal conditions throughout the journey.

3PL (3rd Party Logistics)

Optimize your supply chain with our end-to-end 3PL solutions, outsourcing logistics activities for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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