Warehousing and Distribution

Benefit from our secure and strategically located warehouses, offering flexible storage solutions for your goods with advanced inventory management systems.

General Warehousing:

General warehousing services involve the storage and management of a wide range of products across different industries. It includes secure storage, inventory management, order processing, and value-added services like labeling and packaging.

Bonded Warehousing:

Bonded warehouses provide storage facilities for imported goods that are yet to be cleared through customs. These warehouses ensure the security and proper handling of goods until customs formalities are completed.

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing:

Temperature-controlled warehouses are equipped with specialized infrastructure to store goods that require specific temperature conditions, such as perishable food products, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items.

Inventory Management:

Efficient inventory management services involve the tracking, monitoring, and optimization of inventory levels to ensure sufficient stock availability while minimizing excess inventory and associated costs.

Order Fulfillment and Distribution:

Order fulfillment and distribution services encompass the efficient processing, packing, and shipping of customer orders to various destinations, ensuring timely and accurate delivery.

Other services

Ocean Transport

Seamlessly move your cargo across international oceans with our reliable sea freight services.

Inland Service

Benefit from our extensive network and efficient inland transportation solutions to connect your goods from ports to final destinations.

Air Freight

Experience fast and efficient delivery of your shipments with our reliable air freight services, ensuring your goods reach their destinations on time.

Cold-chain Transportation Service

Preserve the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods with our reliable cold-chain transportation services, ensuring optimal conditions throughout the journey.

3PL (3rd Party Logistics)

Optimize your supply chain with our end-to-end 3PL solutions, outsourcing logistics activities for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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